Sea Arch Aerial

Aerial photograph of a large sea arch along the Kailua Kona coastline

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In 2016 I hiked out to this arch with a friend of mine that had scouted the location earlier. We explored the location and eventually shot from a back ledge through the opening as the sunlight beamed through to highlight the sea spray. You can see that photo ‘Noio Point Arch‘ I posted earlier. Since that day I had only been back 1 other time, but walked away without a shot. It’s not easy to photograph this arch in different ways. There aren’t many vantage points to shoot from that are safe to stand. At any moment a rogue wave could come and catch you be surprise if you are not careful.

When I got a drone for my birthday this is the first location I though about shooting. I wanted to see if I could capture another view of this amazing land formation along with the beautiful blue sea foam colors next to the earthy browns. This was the shot I wanted, but now my creativity has been sparked. I have a few other ideas in mind for this location that I hope to soon catch.

© Christopher Johnson


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