• Dancing Flame

    A photographic study of the smoke trails from the dancing flame of a oil lantern.

  • Smoke Drawing

    Smoke trails off a burning flame to create impressionistic drawings.

    by Christopher Johnson

  • Pollock in Nature

    I was amazed when I saw this shot. 

    For the last couple months I have been completely engrossed with photographing water and its many qualities. Whether it be moving, still, reflecting, or refracting, I have taken notice and have been compiling a collection of these shots. So, here I am standing at the edge of a estuary in Hilo, surrounded by grass and trees. I begin to notice, as I watch my family playing on a paddle board, that the large pool is reflecting brilliant colors from the surroundings. In an instant I ran to grab my camera and I focused on one of these large lines from the trunk  of the tall palm and shot away as the light danced around on the water. Well I didn’t think much of it until I got back to develop the shot and instantly was excited. This shot didn’t look like a photograph at all, but like a Jackson Pollock painting.


    © Christopher Johnson –

  • Flash Design

    Upon receiving the new ring flash, I had to test it out. Nearby was a bottle of water with some water drops collected on the inside wall that I focused on. Little did I know that the shot was going to be totally awesome.

    Photography by Christopher Johnson –

  • Foggy Window Abstract

    I shot this abstract of a foggy car window during a thunderstorm while sitting in traffic. Funny how inspiration can come out of something so boring and inconvenient.

  • Abstract Design

    Inspiration comes in some mysterious ways.

    Just sitting on the couch, I noticed the vertical blinds waving in the breeze created by the ceiling fan. The designs they were making inspired me to photograph them, however, I had no idea that the resulting images would be so cool. Almost graphical and cartoon like.

    I shot off 81 pictures… each one extremely different.