• Lahaina at Dusk

    The Island of Lanai sits at a distance in this shot from Lahaina’s shoreline at dusk.

    I had noticed this location on my many drives to and from the hotel we were staying. Just off the highway was this small stretch of beach with so much character. Scattered rocks were planted along the shoreline where the waves would wash over and to give them a little more color, seaweed clung on the their tight crevices. The best part was the absence of people.

    At the tail end of the sunset, often called the blue hour, I set up in front of a set of rocks and carefully framed Lanai in the background. Then I waited for a large wave to crash over the beach. When capturing waves I like to press the shutter as the wave begins to withdraw. It is usually within a couple of seconds, the camera will capture nice strings of foam leading back to the ocean and to the build up of the next wave. For this shot I made sure to get a 2-3 second exposure. Any longer the scene begins to get muddled. If another wave crashed during the exposure the nice crisp wisps of water are lost.

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    © Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com

  • Pine Trees Sunset – 2012

    It’s been a while since I have been able to photograph a sunset. You might say that life has been hectic, crazy, and out of control. What ever the case, I found myself at the edge of the ocean photographing the ocean during it’s magic hour.  What a joy.

    Pine Trees is where I found myself. Enjoying the sun at the end of the work day. A time to unwind, at least until the sun sets. This is when the light becomes the most beautiful. Purple sky, blue water, low light. I am in my element.

    This shot is the sunset of February 3, 2012. Soft ocean caressing the out cropping of lava rock that makes up the shoreline surrounding Pine Trees beach, just north of the popular surf spot.

    © Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com

  • Kiawe Tree Stormy Sunset In Waikoloa

    Single Kiawe tree in a field of dry grass while a storm passes in the distance

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    © Christopher Johnson


  • Anaeho’omalu Beach Sunset

    From across the fish pond at Anaeho’omalu beach, A-Bay, the row of palm trees silhouetted by the sunset in Waikoloa is a sight to see. A nice little paved nature hike created by the hotel near by winds around the pond through petroglyph sightings and native fauna.

    I, unfortunately, left my tripod back at the car and didn’t have time to run back and retrieve it… I should have known better. A short flat rock wall was a quick solution to steady my camera for this 5 second exposure. Enough to give the water a smooth character.

    Photograph by Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com

  • Old A’s Beach at Sunset

    Old A’s, AKA Old Airport, has a long stretch of beach beside what was once the runway of an airport, which is now a popular spot for locals to picnic, relax, and exercise. We arrived during this sunset to take a walk around the walking path before dinner as a way to get out of the house and enjoy the end of the day. As the sunset progressed, I again diverted my attention from the walking path to the beach to capture this beautiful sunset.

    Old A’s Beach at Sunset – by Christopher Johnson



  • Hapuna At Sunset

    I did not intend to be at Hapuna beach the entire day. We were completely packed and ready to go 30 minutes before the sun began to show any signs of setting, but for some reason we never left. I had changed from slippers to shoes to make lugging all the stuff up to the car more comfortable, so to get this shot I had to navigate in and out with the surf in order to stay dry.

    by Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com




  • Palm Trees and a Rainbow

    This was one of those moments that you wish you were in a better spot.

    I was walking across a parking lot at the Kona Shores and noticed other people stopping to take a picture back towards the mountain, not realizing the beauty that was taking place, I casually glanced back. I was awe struck. Of course I happen to be in a parking lot surrounded by buildings  while this was taking place. I don’t seem to have the luck of a lot of photographers in regards to being at the right place at the right time. However, there were these extremely tall palm trees in which I incorporated in with the rainbow to give the image more interest and contrast. With the way the palm trees are standing, it seems they are dancing at the end of the day.

    Not much post processing, a play with contrast and a touch of vibrance to bring out the rainbow and palm trees. Then in Photoshop I used a cool photo filter to bring the pink tones down and the blue tones up to create more interest in the clouds.

    Photography by Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com






  • Waipio Valley River

    Waipio Valley River

    Photograph by Christopher Johnson




  • Storm Over Kona

    I have never really gone out shooting while it is raining, only at the crest of a storm to capture the drama of the sky. These last two times shooting Honl’s beach has been in the rain and it is exciting. Clenching to the umbrella is a challenge all on its own. Keeping my bag, camera and myself from getting wet is only the first objective. Keeping the umbrella out of the shot while beads of rain falling off the umbrella catch a small amount of a breeze and dot the lens is another. I feel constricted as I am forced into a confined area to shoot the scene and if I want to move locations or change the set up, it becomes a bit of chore. However, this constriction is a great way to help me pre visualize the shot that I am going for since I only want to set up once. Instead of bouncing around, capturing the many view points of the scene, I can slow down and concentrate on one image at a time.

    Another advantage to shooting in the rain… I am the only one there. I am free to compose the scene from any vantage point without the hassle of cropping out unwanted people, or being in anybody’s way.

  • Palm Trees at Dawn

    Palm Trees on Honl’s beach, Hawaii at dawn.

    by Christopher Johnson



  • Life on a Barren Land

    Here’s to thinking outside the box.

    When I approach creating an image I am more old fashioned, as if I am shooting with film. I try to get the shot right in the field with the tools I have on hand like filters and a tripod to minimize my time processing the images. However, sometimes the tools you have on hand can’t help always help you. This is when pre-planning for the post processing comes in to play. Preparing to use the tools you can’t bring to the field.

    This shot, with the lava rock framing the tree in the background, posed a depth of field problem for me. I couldn’t shoot a completely sharp image in just one shot because I set up too close to the rocks. Using the HDR method, I shot multiple images at different focal lengths in order to combine later with Photoshop by blending and erasing the layers. Through trial and error I was able to arrive at this shot.

  • A Stormy Day

    We have been having storm after storm here on the Big Island. This day, just before sunset, was a brief pause to the normal rainy ending to the day, so I took the moment to photograph the stormy clouds.

    Converting to black and white gave the image more of a dramatic feeling.

  • Last Minute Sunset

    These three images were taken from Honl’s beach during yesterdays sunset.

    Surf was up and the crowds were out to watch.

  • Face

    This tree in Ka’anapali Maui looks like a face with hair.