Aerial photograph of motor boats and sail boats tied off onto a wooden dock at Honokohou harbor on the Big Island of Hawaii

Honokohau Boats

Aerial photograph of boats tied off to a floating dock at Honokohou Harbor.

I still haven’t quite gotten used to flying the drone in public places. I’ve never been bold enough to photograph people because it feels like I’m being intrusive and I don’t want to draw attention to me. Instead I have turned my camera to the beautiful landscape and nature all around us. Now with the drone I can fly 400 feet into the air and capture sights and patterns of the earth that I haven’t seen before. Even people become part of the design and they are not recognized in the final image, but still the whining of the blades creates attention. This is the attention that I avoid.

I wanted to fly the drone and capture some aerial photos of the harbor with all the boats lined up on the dock. I was hoping for a vibrant sunset to give some color the the dark green murky water, but the overcast day continued into the evening, blocking the sun. Even still the white boats in the dark water made for a good image. As I arrived I looked for a secluded place to take off. There were people everywhere.

© Christopher Johnson


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