Koi in Waikoloa

Posted in: Gallery Nature Water Jun 2 2012
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For some reason, lately, I have had an obsession with photographing Koi in ponds. I think it all started at the Waikoloa Queen shops when I was photographing lilly pads and in slipped a large white Koi, unfortunately it’s head didn’t make it in the shot. Ever since then I have been subconsciously aware of koi ponds. Everytime I am about to pass by one I have to stop and examine the water, the fish, the surroundings, and if I have my camera, I begin shooting.

Well this time I had my camera.

The long stretch from the lobby to our room, 1 mile at the Hilton in Waikoloa, is a must to walk. There are trains and boats for all the other times you don’t want to walk, however, there are a lot of gems to see and photograph along the way. One is the large koi pond that surrounds the Chinese restaurant, which is where I was headed.

It was around 10 am, so the sun was getting high in the sky. I stood on a small bridge and watched the koi swim to me and was fascinated by the design on the water the colorful building was reflecting on the water. Then magically, the koi began to appear under the vibrant blanket of ripples.


This one shot stood out to me because the Koi’s scales mimicked the colors and designs of the water, along with the water ripple it created with its fins.

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