Large round stones surround this beautiful location on the eastern shoreline of Lake Tahoe, known as Sand Harbor

Sand Harbor, Frosted Rocks

On a last-minute decision to visit this extraordinary location of Lake Tahoe, I was pleasantly surprised to find these beautiful rocks speckling the water. Even though I grew up on the south shore of Lake Tahoe and was well aware of the landscape surrounding Sand Harbor, I was awe-struck. I found myself bounding over the large rounded boulders in search for compositions, which it seemed  that every where I looked was something to photograph. I felt like I was at a playground for adults.

This shot was in a hard to reach location where I had to jump and slide down rocks. Getting there was tough… getting out was even tougher. At points I thought I was going to go swimming. Luckily I didn’t.

Without a tripod I used by camera bag for support and used a timer on the camera to avoid blurring when I depressed the shutter. Then to even out the exposure I had a 0.6 ND Graduated filter which I hand-held in front of the lens. Final touches in Lightroom.