• Koi Pond Sketch

    My second drawing with the Paper app by is an impressionistic view of koi fish family of five.

    I love this app.

  • Down At The OTEC

    [title color=”dark” size=”h3″] To Try Something New [/title]


    So, I was able to break free for a morning photo session. I chose to go down to a familiar location… OTEC.

    OTEC is a rocky terrain, a popular fishing spot, a location with endless photographic possibilities. This morning I focused my lens on the DANGER structure, and to my surprise, it was during high surf.

    I am not exactly sure why the structure exists, however, it has intrigue, and these images are my short study of it.

  • Macro Expression

    [title color=”dark” size=”h3″] Artistic expression in a macro world. [/title]


    These flowers are small. They are probably no larger than a 1/4 inch at the largest flower. However, you would never think they were small when viewing these images. That is what makes macro photography so amazing. The ability to create a scene from something so incredibly small.

  • Heart Shaped Butterfly Wings

    [title color=”dark” size=”h3″] Photography looking straight up at the blue sky [/title]


    Lying on my back on the cold hard tile, I gazed upward at some thing quite opposite. Swaying in the gentle breeze were the delicate flowers on top of the purple orchid tree as butterflies gracefully fluttered on and off each flower.  Nothing could be more serene and peaceful and so needed at this moment.

    At least a dozen butterflies were dancing around this tree and with the gentle breeze it was impossible to predict where they were going next. At the moment I would even think the butterfly was going to land or cross the sky where I thought, another butterfly would come and they would begin dancing around and then separate into different directions. That was the relaxing part of this morning, the waiting and watching.

  • Broad Leaf Imprints

    [title color=”dark” size=”h3″] How amazing the intricacies of a simple leaf can be. [/title]


    When feeling dried up of all creativity, it is then that I find myself wandering around studying everything around me for something new. This study of the leaf began as I stood at the base of a large tree on the hunt for a chameleon. My eyes fixed on scanning the branches to find the camouflaged lizard was my only goal. As my gaze began to go higher up into the tree, it was then I began seeing the beauty of the large broad leaves as they were backlit by the sun.

    In photographing a single leaf I began wondering what other leaves might look like with the same effect. With that said, I began my search, away from the chameleon, toward the design of broad leaves through a macro lens.

    This is my small growing study of the inner workings of a leaf and amazing differences between species.

  • Water Texture

    [title color=”blue” size=”h3″] At a familiar beach relaxing and waiting for the sunset. [/title]


    I stood in the soft shore break, feeling each wave wash across my feet. Exhaling with a sigh of relief that the day was almost over. What a stressful day at work now trying to forget it all and enjoy the moment. I began watching the water as it moved gracefully across the rocks. Creating unique textures with every passing wave. The sun was just low enough to cast warm colors over the highlighted edges of the water while giving me a small glimpse of what’s below. Simply beautiful.

  • Nebula

    [title color=”dark” size=”h3″] Manufactured Nebula [/title]


    Since my interest in photographing smoke I have been thinking of different ways to make the same shot interesting. I thought about what would be interesting to interact with the smoke. Something transparent and as organic as smoke. What about using water mist?

    The resulting images were pretty interesting, as if I had created a nebula.

  • Bird Feeder

    I handcrafted this feeder from scratch using nice birch plywood, regular dowels, a closet clothes hanger pole, and bamboo slats from a curtain. Bird feeder is equipped with solar panels and a little LED light to serve as a decorative landscape element at night. Total construction took around 5 days over a 3 week period. Fun project. Now I want to create more. I think the next one is going to be more whimsical, like a Dr. Seuss house.

    Bird feeder at night.

    Photo taken as a 60sec exposure. To highlight the details of the house I used a flashlight to paint light on the house.

  • Rose Petals

    Rose Petals Painting

    Oil on Canvas


  • Palm Branch Sunset

    Palm Branch Sunset oil painting

    Oil on Canvas


  • Pencil Urchin Painting

    This is a macro slice from a macro shot I took of a pencil urchin.

    Oil on Canvas


  • Colorful Water Drop

    [title color=”dark” size=”h3″] The cliche water drop image! [/title]

    Of course I am going to shoot this image, which is not as easy at it looks. In doing this shot I didn’t want to completely re-setup what everyone else has done, but with a little twist.

    I set up two flashes under a glass bowl of water focused upward through the bowl to where the drop would hit the surface. Placed a blue piece of paper in the background to help with reflecting a nice blue color into the water, contrasting with the red drops. Then with a red food coloring dropper, squeezed one droplet at a time. The hard part is timing the droplet just before it hit the water surface, or while it hit the surface.

    © Christopher Johnson

  • Smoke From A Flame

    [title color=”dark” size=”h3″] Smoke Trails Captured Using A Flash [/title]

    [title color=”dark” size=”h5″] –  A new challenge  – [/title]

    It was about two weeks ago that I was watching the smoke rise off of a candle I had on the back deck. Completely relaxed and in meditation a spark of inspiration arose in me. I wanted to capture the black smoke rising off of the flame. Thus it began. I was shooting against the bright overcast clouds of the day, giving the smoke a dark look. Shooting about 200 images, I didn’t really know what to expect until I viewed them on the computer. It was then that I was awestruck.

    Much like water, smoke is completely organic and unpredictable. Ever changing as it moves and plays with the elements around it, so to capture it as an image is the challenge. Unlike landscape and floral shots, with every press of the shutter is a mystery and is completely unique.

    Since that first shooting I have been trying to capture a series of images that portrays the way smoke plays.

    by Christopher Johnson

  • Life on a Barren Land

    Here’s to thinking outside the box.

    When I approach creating an image I am more old fashioned, as if I am shooting with film. I try to get the shot right in the field with the tools I have on hand like filters and a tripod to minimize my time processing the images. However, sometimes the tools you have on hand can’t help always help you. This is when pre-planning for the post processing comes in to play. Preparing to use the tools you can’t bring to the field.

    This shot, with the lava rock framing the tree in the background, posed a depth of field problem for me. I couldn’t shoot a completely sharp image in just one shot because I set up too close to the rocks. Using the HDR method, I shot multiple images at different focal lengths in order to combine later with Photoshop by blending and erasing the layers. Through trial and error I was able to arrive at this shot.

  • Pencil Urchin

    Photograph of a Red Pencil Urchin

    The amazing detail of the outer shell of a red pencil urchin. This urchin was just on the edge of the water, so trying to photograph a macro shot of it wasn’t easy with the waves flowing in and out. I had to time each wave so I didn’t get doused with an unexpected wave. Not to mention possibly slipping into the water on the slick rocks.

    © Christopher Johnson