• Broad Leaf Imprints

    [title color=”dark” size=”h3″] How amazing the intricacies of a simple leaf can be. [/title]


    When feeling dried up of all creativity, it is then that I find myself wandering around studying everything around me for something new. This study of the leaf began as I stood at the base of a large tree on the hunt for a chameleon. My eyes fixed on scanning the branches to find the camouflaged lizard was my only goal. As my gaze began to go higher up into the tree, it was then I began seeing the beauty of the large broad leaves as they were backlit by the sun.

    In photographing a single leaf I began wondering what other leaves might look like with the same effect. With that said, I began my search, away from the chameleon, toward the design of broad leaves through a macro lens.

    This is my small growing study of the inner workings of a leaf and amazing differences between species.

  • Water Texture

    [title color=”blue” size=”h3″] At a familiar beach relaxing and waiting for the sunset. [/title]


    I stood in the soft shore break, feeling each wave wash across my feet. Exhaling with a sigh of relief that the day was almost over. What a stressful day at work now trying to forget it all and enjoy the moment. I began watching the water as it moved gracefully across the rocks. Creating unique textures with every passing wave. The sun was just low enough to cast warm colors over the highlighted edges of the water while giving me a small glimpse of what’s below. Simply beautiful.

  • Nebula

    [title color=”dark” size=”h3″] Manufactured Nebula [/title]


    Since my interest in photographing smoke I have been thinking of different ways to make the same shot interesting. I thought about what would be interesting to interact with the smoke. Something transparent and as organic as smoke. What about using water mist?

    The resulting images were pretty interesting, as if I had created a nebula.

  • Bird Feeder

    I handcrafted this feeder from scratch using nice birch plywood, regular dowels, a closet clothes hanger pole, and bamboo slats from a curtain. Bird feeder is equipped with solar panels and a little LED light to serve as a decorative landscape element at night. Total construction took around 5 days over a 3 week period. Fun project. Now I want to create more. I think the next one is going to be more whimsical, like a Dr. Seuss house.

    Bird feeder at night.

    Photo taken as a 60sec exposure. To highlight the details of the house I used a flashlight to paint light on the house.

  • Pencil Urchin Painting

    This is a macro slice from a macro shot I took of a pencil urchin.

    Oil on Canvas


  • Smoke From A Flame

    [title color=”dark” size=”h3″] Smoke Trails Captured Using A Flash [/title]

    [title color=”dark” size=”h5″] –  A new challenge  – [/title]

    It was about two weeks ago that I was watching the smoke rise off of a candle I had on the back deck. Completely relaxed and in meditation a spark of inspiration arose in me. I wanted to capture the black smoke rising off of the flame. Thus it began. I was shooting against the bright overcast clouds of the day, giving the smoke a dark look. Shooting about 200 images, I didn’t really know what to expect until I viewed them on the computer. It was then that I was awestruck.

    Much like water, smoke is completely organic and unpredictable. Ever changing as it moves and plays with the elements around it, so to capture it as an image is the challenge. Unlike landscape and floral shots, with every press of the shutter is a mystery and is completely unique.

    Since that first shooting I have been trying to capture a series of images that portrays the way smoke plays.

    by Christopher Johnson

  • Star Water Drops

    A star drawn into the water drops, side lighted using a ring flash.

    by Christopher Johnson

  • Moon Behind Clouds

    It was late and the moon was just about to reveal itself through a sliver in the night-time clouds. I love the drama the moon can portray with so little elements involved. Just some clouds and the moon, everything else black.

    This was one of three images I shot that night. The other two had the whole moon centered in the cloud opening, but they didn’t have the visual impact that this image had.

  • Pollock in Nature

    I was amazed when I saw this shot. 

    For the last couple months I have been completely engrossed with photographing water and its many qualities. Whether it be moving, still, reflecting, or refracting, I have taken notice and have been compiling a collection of these shots. So, here I am standing at the edge of a estuary in Hilo, surrounded by grass and trees. I begin to notice, as I watch my family playing on a paddle board, that the large pool is reflecting brilliant colors from the surroundings. In an instant I ran to grab my camera and I focused on one of these large lines from the trunk  of the tall palm and shot away as the light danced around on the water. Well I didn’t think much of it until I got back to develop the shot and instantly was excited. This shot didn’t look like a photograph at all, but like a Jackson Pollock painting.


    © Christopher Johnson –

  • The Big Red Rock

    Some of the most vibrant reds I have ever found in rock was found in the Polulu valley.

    © Christopher Johnson –

  • Traveler’s Palm Design

    © Christopher Johnson –

  • Pink Nymphaeaceae

    Nymphaeaceae is the scientific name of this water lily plant as I just learned.

    Around the Queen Marketplace in Waikoloa, there are dozens of these water lilies throughout the Koi ponds decorating the center event area. I was observing the Koi swimming around the ponds with my daughter when I noticed a pristine water lily flower near a sitting area. It was then I basically interrupted a conversation and squeezed myself between people to get a macro shot of this flower. Simply beautiful. Sometimes it is just better to put aside manners to get the shot.

    I happened to be photographing this flower at around 3:00pm, which would make the sunlight high and intense creating harsh shadow lines on the flower, making the final image unattractive. To create visually interesting, beautiful floral images it is better to use diffused lighting. This keeps the flower looking soft and delicate. Usually in shots like these I would block the light with a circular reflector, but in this case, with all the people around, I couldn’t be so intrusive. Instead I used my shadow to block the sunlight on the flower and the background. I shot several compositions, but this was my favorite.


    Christopher Johnson –

  • Underwater Boulders At Sand Harbor

    Climbing all around the large boulders that make up Sand Harbors unique landscape, I noticed the shapes of large boulders underwater being distorted by the ripples on the water surface. I climbed to the highest point I could find so I was shooting nearly straight down, removing any unwanted reflections, and this magical images was created.


    © Christopher Johnson –

  • Surface Bubbles

    A design of bubbles on the surface of the water from inside the water looking up.

    by Christopher Johnson –

  • Flash Design

    Upon receiving the new ring flash, I had to test it out. Nearby was a bottle of water with some water drops collected on the inside wall that I focused on. Little did I know that the shot was going to be totally awesome.

    Photography by Christopher Johnson –