• Behind The Wave

    Part of my Shallow Water series, I shot the backside of this small shoreline wave as it curled to break. Inspired by Clark Little, however not intending to duplicate but more to capture waver behavior, I anchored myself where the waves began to curl and was excited to see this shot.

    Photography by Christopher Johnson –

  • Underwater Bubble Design

    Using my AquaMarine underwater housing at One Palm beach, I decided to play in the shallow water as small waves crashed overhead. I have become fascinated by the views and events at the shallow end of the beach. This photograph is the tail end of a passing wave as bubble are dispersed everywhere. I love the design with the blue hue.

    Photography by Christopher Johnson –

  • Bamboo And Leaves

    Bamboo and leaves along the Kohala Forest Reserve trail.

    Photography by Christopher Johnson –

  • Spiral

    I was thrilled to discover this pond plant recently on a private residence, that thanks to a friend of mine, I was graciously able to photograph. I was first drawn to the plant by its small square leaves and then when I began to look closer I began noticing the neat spiraling design. With my macro lens I steadied myself over the pot it was in and shot several different compositions. The color shot was beautiful, however, I wanted to convert this image to black and white. Setting this image up with a green filter threw the green leaves white while everything else became dark. I especially liked the outlines of the leaves when the leaves were overlapped.
    I love these little surprises.

    Photography by Christopher Johnson –

  • Water Reflection Abstract

    The water dancing on the surface of a swimming pool reflected an amazing design of the sun-setting sky.




  • Plumeria Leaf

    Macro shot of a Plumeria leaf, back lit by the sun.


  • Tropical Sunset

    Tropical Sunset

    A unique perspective of the sunsetting sky along with the silhouetted palm trees in the lower corner.

    © Christopher Johnson

  • Grassy Reflection

    At the Kahaluu Bay Beach Park there seems to be construction under way to create a small decorative reflection pond between the beach and launch point for snorkelers. Or maybe it was just some more tsunami damage that is being fixed. Whatever the case, the pond created the perfect scene for me to photograph.

  • Unstitched

    As a child I used to play baseball and was pretty good. I was the main pitcher of the Babe Ruth team I played for and was selected for the All Star team. However, once I started high school this part of my life ended. I found different hobbies like guitar and golf.

    Today I was at the park with my two little girls. We decided to go for a walk around the baseball field in search of treasures that people may have left behind. I wasn’t expecting to find a baseball. All tattered from play and waterlogged from last nights rain I picked it up and decided to throw a few pitches from the mound. The first throw was clumsy and painful. I hesitated to throw again, but what the heck. Eight pitches was enough for me, but it was fun to relive the past a little.

    The ball came to a stop in a puddle over home plate. It was then that I ran to get my camera to shoot this scene. I aligned the ball in front of the reflected sun in order to give the scene more interest.


  • Abstract Design

    Inspiration comes in some mysterious ways.

    Just sitting on the couch, I noticed the vertical blinds waving in the breeze created by the ceiling fan. The designs they were making inspired me to photograph them, however, I had no idea that the resulting images would be so cool. Almost graphical and cartoon like.

    I shot off 81 pictures… each one extremely different.

  • Pencil Urchin

    Photograph of a Red Pencil Urchin

    The amazing detail of the outer shell of a red pencil urchin. This urchin was just on the edge of the water, so trying to photograph a macro shot of it wasn’t easy with the waves flowing in and out. I had to time each wave so I didn’t get doused with an unexpected wave. Not to mention possibly slipping into the water on the slick rocks.

    © Christopher Johnson