• Hermit Crab

    [title color=”dark” size=”h3″] A ring flash opens up a whole world of expressive opportunities.[/title]


  • Nebula

    [title color=”dark” size=”h3″] Manufactured Nebula [/title]


    Since my interest in photographing smoke I have been thinking of different ways to make the same shot interesting. I thought about what would be interesting to interact with the smoke. Something transparent and as organic as smoke. What about using water mist?

    The resulting images were pretty interesting, as if I had created a nebula.

  • Colorful Water Drop

    [title color=”dark” size=”h3″] The cliche water drop image! [/title]

    Of course I am going to shoot this image, which is not as easy at it looks. In doing this shot I didn’t want to completely re-setup what everyone else has done, but with a little twist.

    I set up two flashes under a glass bowl of water focused upward through the bowl to where the drop would hit the surface. Placed a blue piece of paper in the background to help with reflecting a nice blue color into the water, contrasting with the red drops. Then with a red food coloring dropper, squeezed one droplet at a time. The hard part is timing the droplet just before it hit the water surface, or while it hit the surface.

    © Christopher Johnson

  • Smoke From A Flame

    [title color=”dark” size=”h3″] Smoke Trails Captured Using A Flash [/title]

    [title color=”dark” size=”h5″] –  A new challenge  – [/title]

    It was about two weeks ago that I was watching the smoke rise off of a candle I had on the back deck. Completely relaxed and in meditation a spark of inspiration arose in me. I wanted to capture the black smoke rising off of the flame. Thus it began. I was shooting against the bright overcast clouds of the day, giving the smoke a dark look. Shooting about 200 images, I didn’t really know what to expect until I viewed them on the computer. It was then that I was awestruck.

    Much like water, smoke is completely organic and unpredictable. Ever changing as it moves and plays with the elements around it, so to capture it as an image is the challenge. Unlike landscape and floral shots, with every press of the shutter is a mystery and is completely unique.

    Since that first shooting I have been trying to capture a series of images that portrays the way smoke plays.

    by Christopher Johnson

  • Flash Design

    Upon receiving the new ring flash, I had to test it out. Nearby was a bottle of water with some water drops collected on the inside wall that I focused on. Little did I know that the shot was going to be totally awesome.

    Photography by Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com