Palm Trees

[title color=”dark” size=”h3″] Hawaiian Paradise [/title]


On the far side of Mahaiula beach, aka Kekaha Kai, aka State beach, aka the beach with the red house on it, I looked back toward the turbulent waters of the ocean and spotted this calming scene. This day the waves were breaking randomly and chaotically. I couldn’t believe there were surfers out because it didn’t look fun, but it did look beautiful. The white wash from the crashing waves turned the water a calming turquoise blue, and against the deep blue sky the scene was simply beautiful. So, when I looked back at the far end of the beach, these bright green palm trees completed the Hawaiian scene. Today I didn’t even think about bringing my tripod along with me. I didn’t realize that I would want the opportunity to shoot a high depth of field with a low ISO scenic, so I had to improvise by setting my bag on a rock to rest my camera. To eliminate the camera shake when pressing the shutter I set up for a 2 sec shutter delay.

Olympus E-5,  70-150mm Zuiko with circular polarizer

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