• Mauna Kea

    Venturing up Mauna Kea with the family to watch the Perseid meteor shower. We stayed up at the visitors center where we were told the meteors would be visible around 1 am and really visible just after the moon went down, sometime after 2 am. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the moon set. The fog came rolling in and out through out the night, but came in to stay around 1 am. Instead I drove home as the family slept.

    © Christopher Johnson

  • Moon Behind Clouds

    It was late and the moon was just about to reveal itself through a sliver in the night-time clouds. I love the drama the moon can portray with so little elements involved. Just some clouds and the moon, everything else black.

    This was one of three images I shot that night. The other two had the whole moon centered in the cloud opening, but they didn’t have the visual impact that this image had.

  • Super Moon

    This morning I ran down to Honl’s beach when I noticed the moon getting ready to set. From what I heard this is the Super Moon, where the moon is 14% larger than normal.

    In order to give the picture of the moon any interest I framed it with the branched of a palm tree.