• Night Lights

    At twilight on the nearby golf course, my daughter and I started running around the edge of a pond with flashlights during a long 60 second exposure. The outcome was rather surprising and exciting.


    © Christopher Johnson –

  • Self Portrait

    Climbing over the boulders that makes the landscape of Sand Harbor so unique, I noticed my shadow reflected in a sliver of blue between the boulders. I paused for a moment to pose and photograph myself before continuing.


    © Christopher Johnson –

  • Fire Dancers at Magic Sands

    … And now for your entertainment… Fire!
    As we began to leave Magic Sands beach a group of people started hurling balls of fire on chains around and around their bodies. Instantly a crowd of people gathered in to watch and photograph. I captured some long exposures in order to get the flame trail design.
    Here in Hawaii you never know what is going to happen next.

    by Christopher Johnson –

  • The Jump In

    My daughter decided to start jumping into the pool. I waited underwater as she built up the courage to jump in and shot several images of her grand entrance.

    by Christopher Johnson –


  • Washing The Sand Off

    These local boys are washing the sand off each others backs by using this long plumbing pipe found near the water edge. They do this by dipping the pipe into the water, letting it fill completely, then quickly raise it up and let the water flow over one another. Quite clever I thought. It also made for an interesting photo

    This was a split second shot. I looked over, recognized the opportunity, shot, and it was over. After this the boys went on to play somewhere else. During the post processing I was able to dial in the shot more. There were sand toys on the beach these boys were playing with. I felt that with them in the image wasn’t as strong, so I cropped out the sand toys to focus more on the action. I then began to toy with monochrome adjustments with the Nik software, Silver Efex Pro to simplify the shot even more.  By converting to monochrome I was able to darken the foliage to eliminate all distracting detail to help redirect the focus on the boys.

    Waipio Valley – Photography by Christopher Johnson


  • Church