Life on a Barren Land

Here’s to thinking outside the box.

When I approach creating an image I am more old fashioned, as if I am shooting with film. I try to get the shot right in the field with the¬†tools I have on hand like filters and a tripod¬†to minimize my time processing the images. However, sometimes the tools you have on hand can’t help always help you. This is when pre-planning for the post processing comes in to play. Preparing to use the tools you can’t bring to the field.

This shot, with the lava rock framing the tree in the background, posed a depth of field problem for me. I couldn’t shoot a completely sharp image in just one shot because I set up too close to the rocks. Using the HDR method, I shot multiple images at different focal lengths in order to combine later with Photoshop by blending and erasing the layers. Through trial and error I was able to arrive at this shot.