• Succulent

    Close up of a beautiful turquoise Chick and Hen

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    Macro shot of a succulent that I was inspired to photograph this morning while drinking coffee on my lanai.

    © Christopher Johnson

  • Soft Pastel Clouds

    The end of the year is almost here. We have only one more sunset before we call it 2013.

    Today I wasn’t even planning to do any photography, instead I have been working on several other projects. One being another bird feeder. I stepped outside to check if the glue was dry to move onto another piece when I glanced up at the sky. For the past couple of days the VOG has been so thick that any sunset just turns into mud as it sulks into the water. Today was another one of those days, however, there was one moment the sun shined through the haze to illuminate the under belly of the clouds. These moments are when I appreciate being a photographer. This moment will now live in my collection as a reminder of the Hawaiian sunsets.