• Drenched

    It always amazes me at how us as humans act around dangerous situations especially something that seems so mild. At first, the next victim approaches. They watch as a the first wave crashes against the rocks, see where the water falls, and begin to get a little closer. This continues until they are too close. Then the large set rolls in and the once seemingly mild wave crashes are now a 20 foot wall of instant unhappiness. After they are completely drenched they disappear and the next group of unsuspecting people come in.

    The guy in this photo did much of the same thing. He stood there posing in front of the waves while his family took pictures of him.

  • Nebula

    [title color=”dark” size=”h3″] Manufactured Nebula [/title]


    Since my interest in photographing smoke I have been thinking of different ways to make the same shot interesting. I thought about what would be interesting to interact with the smoke. Something transparent and as organic as smoke. What about using water mist?

    The resulting images were pretty interesting, as if I had created a nebula.