• Pollock in Nature

    I was amazed when I saw this shot. 

    For the last couple months I have been completely engrossed with photographing water and its many qualities. Whether it be moving, still, reflecting, or refracting, I have taken notice and have been compiling a collection of these shots. So, here I am standing at the edge of a estuary in Hilo, surrounded by grass and trees. I begin to notice, as I watch my family playing on a paddle board, that the large pool is reflecting brilliant colors from the surroundings. In an instant I ran to grab my camera and I focused on one of these large lines from the trunk  of the tall palm and shot away as the light danced around on the water. Well I didn’t think much of it until I got back to develop the shot and instantly was excited. This shot didn’t look like a photograph at all, but like a Jackson Pollock painting.


    © Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com

  • Honu Surrounded by Fish

    This was the first time I was able to witness a symboitic relationship in the wild. Here this green sea turtle, Honu, sleeps just under the surface of the water while theses small fish clean him off. As simple as this was, it was quiet amazing to me.


    © Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com

  • Underwater Boulders At Sand Harbor

    Climbing all around the large boulders that make up Sand Harbors unique landscape, I noticed the shapes of large boulders underwater being distorted by the ripples on the water surface. I climbed to the highest point I could find so I was shooting nearly straight down, removing any unwanted reflections, and this magical images was created.


    © Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com

  • Self Portrait

    Climbing over the boulders that makes the landscape of Sand Harbor so unique, I noticed my shadow reflected in a sliver of blue between the boulders. I paused for a moment to pose and photograph myself before continuing.


    © Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com

  • Pine Trees Sunset – 2012

    It’s been a while since I have been able to photograph a sunset. You might say that life has been hectic, crazy, and out of control. What ever the case, I found myself at the edge of the ocean photographing the ocean during it’s magic hour.  What a joy.

    Pine Trees is where I found myself. Enjoying the sun at the end of the work day. A time to unwind, at least until the sun sets. This is when the light becomes the most beautiful. Purple sky, blue water, low light. I am in my element.

    This shot is the sunset of February 3, 2012. Soft ocean caressing the out cropping of lava rock that makes up the shoreline surrounding Pine Trees beach, just north of the popular surf spot.

    © Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com

  • Sand Harbor, Frosted Rocks

    On a last-minute decision to visit this extraordinary location of Lake Tahoe, I was pleasantly surprised to find these beautiful rocks speckling the water. Even though I grew up on the south shore of Lake Tahoe and was well aware of the landscape surrounding Sand Harbor, I was awe-struck. I found myself bounding over the large rounded boulders in search for compositions, which it seemed  that every where I looked was something to photograph. I felt like I was at a playground for adults.

    This shot was in a hard to reach location where I had to jump and slide down rocks. Getting there was tough… getting out was even tougher. At points I thought I was going to go swimming. Luckily I didn’t.

    Without a tripod I used by camera bag for support and used a timer on the camera to avoid blurring when I depressed the shutter. Then to even out the exposure I had a 0.6 ND Graduated filter which I hand-held in front of the lens. Final touches in Lightroom.

  • Kiholo Bay

    This was a long-awaited trip I have been wanting to take to Kiholo Bay. The beautiful finger of turquoise water can be seen from HWY 19 and was so inviting. What’s down there? Well this last weekend was my chance to look.

    The access road has been blocked to visitors, so we had to park alongside the road and make the long trek down. To me that is not such a bad thing. For one, it keeps the crowds down. Two, I heard this area had become a tent city for the Micronesians, who were abusing the natural wonders leaving trash everywhere and sudsing up the queens bath. Not a nice thing to see for tourists and locals who want to enjoy the treasures of the islands. Nevertheless, clean up has begun. We began out trip down a cool path through the Kiawe trees and lava rock, deviated through some private property down by the shoreline, and b-lined it straight to the base of the fish pond. As soon as I dropped off my things at a sandy spot on the south edge of the pond I left to explore.

    The other name for this pond is Turtle Bay, and I soon realized why. Some turtles gracefully swam and fed while others sun bathed, speckling the peninsula with their salty white shells. I navigated around every finger of the old Mauna Loa lava flow, which nearly took out all of this fish pond, excited to see the large grouping of fish along the edge of the water and the random turtle sighting. I made it to the far end of the pond and paused to take this picture looking back toward the mountains. What a cool magical place.

    I look forward to returning.

    by Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com


  • Surface Bubbles

    A design of bubbles on the surface of the water from inside the water looking up.

    by Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com

  • Cranberry Flash

    Continuing with the flash experimentation and in the holiday fun, I shot cranberries up-close. With the water surrounding them the ring flash created some cool decorations.

    Macro shot of cranberries floating in water, enhanced with a ring flash.

    by Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com

  • Flash Design

    Upon receiving the new ring flash, I had to test it out. Nearby was a bottle of water with some water drops collected on the inside wall that I focused on. Little did I know that the shot was going to be totally awesome.

    Photography by Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com

  • Water Reflection Abstract

    The water dancing on the surface of a swimming pool reflected an amazing design of the sun-setting sky.