"We live in a visual world and I am a visual person making visual things visual"

Art is my life

I didn’t start out with a passion for photography. It was a childhood dream of mine to be a cartoonist which shifted into oil painting during my time in college. I took any and every art class that was offered, which eventually included Photography 101 with a good friend of mine. This is where my interest began to flourish and is now a passion, or obsession as I would like to call it.

I am a resident of the Big Island of Hawaii. The tropical landscape has captured me and keeps me shooting and hunting for the next creative image to capture. I grew up in Lake Tahoe, but I would like to think that I grew up, photographically speaking, here in Hawaii.

I find myself mainly photographing along the rugged Kona coastline. There are so many amazing spots where the water meets the old lava flow. With a slow shutter it is amazing to view the path of the water as it flows through the holes in the dark shelf line. A challenge in exposure and capture. Balancing the dark lava rock against the bright sunsetting sky to create a balanced highlight to dark photograph along with the unpredictability of the ocean waves that can pull camera gear into the ocean. These conditions give me a challenge to perfect these scenes, but I make sure to not focus on one location. There are so many beautiful locations like Mauna Kea, the volcano, Pololu Valley, and other location around the island that help keep me creative and inspired.

I have received many awards in local art shows, displayed work in local galleries and exhibits, and have sold work to a number of local businesses and art collectors. I have been printed in issues of Tahoe Quarterly Magazine and numerous Hawaiian publishings licensed through Photo Resources of Hawaii.

Please take some time to enjoy my photography collections on this website and Social Media sites; instagram500px, Flickr, and Behance.

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