Keahole Coastline Aerial

A new perspective of a favorite location I love to shoot the sunset from.

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This large hole in the coastline rocks makes for a very interesting landscape shot. The ocean water surges into the opening forcing the turquoise water to pillow up and spill over the seaweed and cracks in the lava. Then the water drains back into the hole and seemingly disappears. This is when I would typically take a 1 sec exposure in order to blur the water into a silky stream as it falls into the hole while the remaining curls of sea foam fizzle out where they wrapped themselves in the rocks. I have done this exercise for over five years at this and other locations along this coastline with many different compositions and views, but I have never captured what the landscape looks like from the air.

I often wondered what it would look like from above and would envision building a scaffold over the large hole to shoot from that angle. Never once did I think of using a drone until I got the DJI Spark drone for a birthday gift. I flew it around a few other locations I had photographed before and was amazed at how much fun it was to create at this new angle. They it dawned on me to photograph these locations. This is the first of the 6 blowholes I want to capture from the air.

Check out “Golden Hour” to see a sunset shot from the ground.

© Christopher Johnson


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