A small pod of dolphins swimming in the beautiful blue ocean

Pod of Dolphins

A small pod of dolphins in the beautiful blue ocean of Hawaii

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Around 1000 ft off of the Honokohau harbor coastline I saw 4 boats clustered together and the passengers quickly jumping into the water to swim around a very large pod of dolphins. I hadn’t flown the drone out that far and was extremely surprised when there were no problems with signal. I totally expected the drone controller to notify me that I had reached my distance limit and to fly closer, but instead I saw these beautiful dolphins swimming in the beautiful blue ocean on my iPad screen. There must have been 30-40 dolphins along with 20 snorkelers in black wet suits all scattered around in the water. I lowered the drone to around 30 ft above a small pod dolphins which were swimming around very quickly. I was only able to capture this one shot before they swam out of view.

Super cool!

© Christopher Johnson


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