Anaeho’omalu Beach

  • Ku’uali’i Sunset

    On the edge of the Ku’uali’i fishpond amongst the grass, I enjoyed the rare calm winds during this sunset.

  • Honu Coming To Rest on Anaehoomalu Beach, Waikoloa

    This was an amazing day for turtle sightings. Upon arrival to the Anaehoomalu Beach, AKA A-Bay, my family and I made our way down the coastline away from the hotels only to discover turtle after turtle after turtle. By the time we made it to a little cove, literally around the corner from the main beach, we had counted 15 turtles.

    The turtle pictured here was number 15. It was making it’s way up the beach to rest as the waves continued to pound all around making it struggle. Eventually it made it and slept pretty hardy 20 feet from where we were.

    To give the waves more character and motion I set my camera to aperture priority, enough to slow the shutter to 1/13th sec. This, with Image Stabilizing turned on kept the turtle in focus while blurring the crashing waves slightly. Then in Photoshop, I converted the image to black and white and overexposed +1 to lighten the darks of the turtle and blow out the highlights of the water just enough to make it less distracting.

    The image was nice in color, however, I was adjusting it to work for the Monochrome contest hosted by Popular Photography. Please vote for my image here —¬†

    by Christopher Johnson –


  • Anaeho’omalu Beach Sunset

    From across the fish pond at Anaeho’omalu beach, A-Bay, the row of palm trees silhouetted by the sunset in Waikoloa is a sight to see. A nice little paved nature hike created by the hotel near by winds around the pond through petroglyph sightings and native fauna.

    I, unfortunately, left my tripod back at the car and didn’t have time to run back and retrieve it… I should have known better. A short flat rock wall was a quick solution to steady my camera for this 5 second exposure. Enough to give the water a smooth character.

    Photograph by Christopher Johnson –