• Yellow Bird

    Yellow Safron Finch feeding off of the dew of a seeding palm tree.

    Every morning these yellow birds dance around the palm trees outside my window. I have attempted to photograph them many, many times, but they are often too far away to get a good shot with my 300mm lens. This time the branches we dangling towards my window. Now I just had to be patient and wait for the birds to be brave enough to come close to me. I think I waited around 20 minutes until this bird arrived.

    I wanted to frame the bird off center so I can show the design of the palm branches as they blew in the wind.

    © Christopher Johnson


  • Bird Feeder

    I handcrafted this feeder from scratch using nice birch plywood, regular dowels, a closet clothes hanger pole, and bamboo slats from a curtain. Bird feeder is equipped with solar panels and a little LED light to serve as a decorative landscape element at night. Total construction took around 5 days over a 3 week period. Fun project. Now I want to create more. I think the next one is going to be more whimsical, like a Dr. Seuss house.

    Bird feeder at night.

    Photo taken as a 60sec exposure. To highlight the details of the house I used a flashlight to paint light on the house.