• Cactus Lines

    A macro photograph of the lines and thorns of a budding blue agave cactus.

    In the center of the agave is a tall spine which is made up of a bunch of newer leaves bundled together. As they mature they begin to fall away from each other, spanning out like wings, until eventually they find the ground to decay. The coolest part of this process is that during the time the leaves are bound together they imprint their spines and designs on to each other which never goes away. How symbolic of life. When we grow up we are imprinted with the people we grow with and that imprint never really goes away. It may fade, but if we look carefully we can see these imprints on others whether good or bad… Hopefully good.

    © Christopher Johnson

  • Dragon Fruit

    So, I just found out that this plant is a dragon fruit. I had no idea.

    It was about a year ago that I saw a picture of a beautiful flower in one of Waimea’s galleries. I had never seen this flower before and asked the sales lady about it. She told me that in Kailua Kona, off Alii drive, there is a rock wall where these cactus plants drape and flower abundantly. Well I went searching, and for over a year, every chance I had, I drove down Alii drive looking for this rock wall that had abundant draping cactus flowers and was completely unsuccessful.

    It wasn’t until earlier this week that my search was complete. The funny thing was, it wasn’t where I was looking, but up on the mountain, 500 ft above Alii drive and completely random.