• Clouds

    Rain clouds over the Pacific ocean between Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii.

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    On a Mokulele flight from Hawaii to Maui, the view of the stormy clouds were amazing. A lightning storm was moving across the islands creating some amazing cloud formations. I sat on the rear bench seat of the small airplane and photographed these clouds through the rear window. This image is 3 stitched images to create the panorama.

    © Christopher Johnson

  • Cloud Sunset

    A magical view of clouds during a sunset photographed from up Hualalai mountain in Hawaii.

    by Christopher Johnson

  • Clouds on Fire

    Ok, so I fully intended to sleep-in this morning, but that wasn’t going to happen. Not without drapes. We just moved into a new house up the mountain and currently we have frosted louvered windows. Without drapery, any light that shines in becomes a diffused wall of light. Perfect for any studio photographer’s flashes… not so perfect for sleeping.

    As the sun began reflecting itself against the underbelly of the early mountain clouds, the brilliant oranges and reds began to fill my room with a vibrant red light… shining directly at my face… waking me up.

    After the initial confusion of what I was looking at, I realized the sunrise must be amazing and quickly fumbled outside with my camera.

    Standing in the middle of my driveway in my pajamas, taking pictures of the clouds, I must look like a crazy person to my neighbors, but whatever. I was too tired to care that my hair decided to form itself into an abstract statue. That my shirt was on backwards and I had two different colored socks on and one was inside out. The sky was beautiful and that is what mattered right now.

    My vision was still fuzzy as I fired off a few shots. Some wide angle to capture the entire sky, and some tight to accent the bright orange flames of the lower clouds contrasted against the smooth upper clouds. I let my Olympus E-5 camera do all the thinking as I tried to compose interesting and dramatic hand held images.

    My early morning photographer fashion show was completed and I was inside processing the images when my wife finally wakes up and says, “you’re up early”, to which I responded… “yup”.

    photography by Christopher Johnson –

  • Tropical Sunset

    Tropical Sunset

    A unique perspective of the sunsetting sky along with the silhouetted palm trees in the lower corner.

    © Christopher Johnson