• Island Naturals Art Display

    Photography For February 2017


    For the month of February 2017, I will be displaying my photography in the dining area of the Island Naturals natural food store in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. If you are in the area please come by and check it out.

    If you are at my site because you saw my artwork and wanted to view more I would like to say THANK YOU … it means a lot to me.

    The images on display are for sale along with those on this site. I have a growing storefront on RedBubble where prints, mugs, phone cases, and more can be purchased. If you are looking for an image that isn’t available please contact me using the Contact Page or by my phone number on my flyer or business card.


    30″x40″ – Chameleon – “This Isn’t Working” – $580.00

    30″x40″ – Sunset – “Keahole Sunset” – $580.00

    30″x40″ – Purple Flower – “Macro” – $580.00

    16″x48″ – Paddle Board Sunset – “Relax” – $390.00



  • Peaberry & Galette

    I displaying artwork from June 10th to August 1st, 2016 at the Peaberry & Galette Cafe in the Keauhou shopping center located next to the Theatre.


    Artwork is for sale.

    The 30X40 framed Chameleon, Sea Arch, and Purple Flower canvas prints are available for $380 each.

    The 16X48 framed Wave canvas print is available for $200.

  • Drenched

    It always amazes me at how us as humans act around dangerous situations especially something that seems so mild. At first, the next victim approaches. They watch as a the first wave crashes against the rocks, see where the water falls, and begin to get a little closer. This continues until they are too close. Then the large set rolls in and the once seemingly mild wave crashes are now a 20 foot wall of instant unhappiness. After they are completely drenched they disappear and the next group of unsuspecting people come in.

    The guy in this photo did much of the same thing. He stood there posing in front of the waves while his family took pictures of him.

  • Flower In A Bottle

    Oil Painting of a red flower in a wine bottle. 2005