• Purple Drama

    Macro photograph of the beautiful dyed purple and turquoise petals of a Chrysanthemum flower as they curl around each other.

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    © Christopher Johnson

  • Pink Nymphaeaceae

    Nymphaeaceae is the scientific name of this water lily plant as I just learned.

    Around the Queen Marketplace in Waikoloa, there are dozens of these water lilies throughout the Koi ponds decorating the center event area. I was observing the Koi swimming around the ponds with my daughter when I noticed a pristine water lily flower near a sitting area. It was then I basically interrupted a conversation and squeezed myself between people to get a macro shot of this flower. Simply beautiful. Sometimes it is just better to put aside manners to get the shot.

    I happened to be photographing this flower at around 3:00pm, which would make the sunlight high and intense creating harsh shadow lines on the flower, making the final image unattractive. To create visually interesting, beautiful floral images it is better to use diffused lighting. This keeps the flower looking soft and delicate. Usually in shots like these I would block the light with a circular reflector, but in this case, with all the people around, I couldn’t be so intrusive. Instead I used my shadow to block the sunlight on the flower and the background. I shot several compositions, but this was my favorite.


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