• Yellow Hibiscus

    A beautiful yellow Hibiscus flower found on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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    Picked from one of the Hibiscus bushes we have out in our front yard. I selected this flower because of how the style curved right at the end so that I could photograph the profile of the flower and have all of the 5 stigma balls visual instead of overlapping each other.

    I don’t have much of a studio, so I have to improvise. I was able to float the flower away from its background by pinning it to the bottom of my kitchen cabinets with a safety pin. With natural light I needed a longer than desired shutter speed, so I had to close all windows and stop the fans to keep the flower from wavering. Then with a timer set to 2 seconds on the camera I quickly and carefully pressed the shutter and gently fluttered a white towel in the background to blur any shadow or detail that might be picked up by the camera. The depth of field wasn’t enough to pick up all the details of the flower, so I focus stacked 2 images for the final piece.

    © Christopher Johnson

  • Hibiscus Schizopetalus on Black

    A beautiful red Hibiscus Schizopetalus against a black background.

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    These Hibiscus Schizopetalus, also know as the Coral Hibiscus, and the Japanese Lantern, are my favorite of the Hibiscus family. They have so much character with their long thin stamen dangling far away from their crazy flaring and chaotic petals.

    On a long walk I found a bush of these flowers and picked one to photograph when I returned home. Carefully I carried this flower for a good hour before setting up with a strobe and photographing several different poses of it. I thought for sure it would be wilted when I finally got home, but I was pleasantly surprised it maintained its shape and form.

    Aside from this image against a black background I shot the opposing image with a white background and still can’t decide which I like better.

    © Christopher Johnson


  • Purple Drama

    Macro photograph of the beautiful dyed purple and turquoise petals of a Chrysanthemum flower as they curl around each other.

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    © Christopher Johnson

  • Hibiscus Schizopetalus

    Photograph of a red Hibiscus Schizopetalus against a white background.

    I have always found these Hibiscus flowers fascinating and have been wanting to photograph one for a long time. The way they hang off of a branch with their long stamen delicately hanging and swaying in the wind in contrast to the thrown back, crazy petals makes these Hibiscus super unique.

    While on a walk, about a mile away from home, I picked this flowers off of a bush to photograph. The only thing was the day was hot and I worried that it would wilt before I got home, but it held up. Maybe it was my wife’s care that it survived. If it were in my large hands it would surely not have made it.

    With a magnetic bag clip magnetized to the inner screw of an upper cabinet door I clipped the flower and propped a white pillow behind for a backdrop. I used an off camera strobe to capture the flower still as it waved around with each small movement of air. Minor adjustments in Photoshop.

    © Christopher Johnson

  • Macro

    Photograph of the details of a vibrant purple flower

    I was surprised with some beautiful flowers from my wife, so of course I set up to photograph them. What I love about macro is the new world that is seen within such a close up view of the subject. I didn’t notice all the amazing yellows in the center of the flower without the help of the camera. Then I began noticing all the tiny water drops that speckled the flower.


    © Christopher Johnson

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  • Red Carnation Flower

    A macro view of the beautiful delicate petals of a red carnation.

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    © Christopher Johnson

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  • Jacaranda Tree

    Photograph of a Jacaranda tree in full bloom on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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    © Christopher Johnson

  • Female Jackson Chameleon

    Amazing day!

    I have been looking for a Jackson Chameleon for so, so long. I was beginning to get frustrated because the rest of the family sees them all the time, but the moment I go to look for them I see nothing. Last weekend I spent a good portion of the day in a tree, waiting and waiting with no success. Well, today I just randomly walked outside, looked up in the tree I spent my weekend in and there starring at me was a female Jackson Chameleon. I couldn’t believe it. I am over joyed.

  • Hibiscus

    Oil on canvas


  • Flower In A Bottle

    Oil Painting of a red flower in a wine bottle. 2005

  • Macro Expression

    [title color=”dark” size=”h3″] Artistic expression in a macro world. [/title]


    These flowers are small. They are probably no larger than a 1/4 inch at the largest flower. However, you would never think they were small when viewing these images. That is what makes macro photography so amazing. The ability to create a scene from something so incredibly small.

  • Rose Petals

    Rose Petals Painting

    Oil on Canvas


  • Dragon Fruit

    So, I just found out that this plant is a dragon fruit. I had no idea.

    It was about a year ago that I saw a picture of a beautiful flower in one of Waimea’s galleries. I had never seen this flower before and asked the sales lady about it. She told me that in Kailua Kona, off Alii drive, there is a rock wall where these cactus plants drape and flower abundantly. Well I went searching, and for over a year, every chance I had, I drove down Alii drive looking for this rock wall that had abundant draping cactus flowers and was completely unsuccessful.

    It wasn’t until earlier this week that my search was complete. The funny thing was, it wasn’t where I was looking, but up on the mountain, 500 ft above Alii drive and completely random.