• Hibiscus Schizopetalus on Black

    A beautiful red Hibiscus Schizopetalus against a black background.

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    These Hibiscus Schizopetalus, also know as the Coral Hibiscus, and the Japanese Lantern, are my favorite of the Hibiscus family. They have so much character with their long thin stamen dangling far away from their crazy flaring and chaotic petals.

    On a long walk I found a bush of these flowers and picked one to photograph when I returned home. Carefully I carried this flower for a good hour before setting up with a strobe and photographing several different poses of it. I thought for sure it would be wilted when I finally got home, but I was pleasantly surprised it maintained its shape and form.

    Aside from this image against a black background I shot the opposing image with a white background and still can’t decide which I like better.

    © Christopher Johnson


  • Hibiscus Schizopetalus

    Photograph of a red Hibiscus Schizopetalus against a white background.

    I have always found these Hibiscus flowers fascinating and have been wanting to photograph one for a long time. The way they hang off of a branch with their long stamen delicately hanging and swaying in the wind in contrast to the thrown back, crazy petals makes these Hibiscus super unique.

    While on a walk, about a mile away from home, I picked this flowers off of a bush to photograph. The only thing was the day was hot and I worried that it would wilt before I got home, but it held up. Maybe it was my wife’s care that it survived. If it were in my large hands it would surely not have made it.

    With a magnetic bag clip magnetized to the inner screw of an upper cabinet door I clipped the flower and propped a white pillow behind for a backdrop. I used an off camera strobe to capture the flower still as it waved around with each small movement of air. Minor adjustments in Photoshop.

    © Christopher Johnson

  • Red Carnation Flower

    A macro view of the beautiful delicate petals of a red carnation.

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    © Christopher Johnson

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  • Flower In A Bottle

    Oil Painting of a red flower in a wine bottle. 2005

  • Rose Petals

    Rose Petals Painting

    Oil on Canvas


  • Colorful Water Drop

    [title color=”dark” size=”h3″] The cliche water drop image! [/title]

    Of course I am going to shoot this image, which is not as easy at it looks. In doing this shot I didn’t want to completely re-setup what everyone else has done, but with a little twist.

    I set up two flashes under a glass bowl of water focused upward through the bowl to where the drop would hit the surface. Placed a blue piece of paper in the background to help with reflecting a nice blue color into the water, contrasting with the red drops. Then with a red food coloring dropper, squeezed one droplet at a time. The hard part is timing the droplet just before it hit the water surface, or while it hit the surface.

    © Christopher Johnson

  • The Big Red Rock

    Some of the most vibrant reds I have ever found in rock was found in the Polulu valley.

    © Christopher Johnson –

  • Pencil Urchin

    Photograph of a Red Pencil Urchin

    The amazing detail of the outer shell of a red pencil urchin. This urchin was just on the edge of the water, so trying to photograph a macro shot of it wasn’t easy with the waves flowing in and out. I had to time each wave so I didn’t get doused with an unexpected wave. Not to mention possibly slipping into the water on the slick rocks.

    © Christopher Johnson