Fine Art Photography by Christopher Johnson

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” — Ansel Adams

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I am examining the limitlessness of creativity and going more in depth to the process and thoughts behind my creative process.
  • Coastline Reflections

    Coastline reflections of a beautiful Hawaiian sunset by Christopher Johnson.


    A different perspective of the same coastline. With the high surf pounding the Kailua Kona coastline the water found its way to the grassy patch well behind the surf. Instead of positioning myself of the edge of a blowhole I chose to work with this grassy reflective scene. This was my second attempt when I wasn’t thrilled with my first composition from the previous day. Lucky for me the sunset and water waited for me to return.

    © Christopher Johnson

  • Pololu Valley Stones

    Slow shutter of water flowing around the embedded colorful stones on the black sand beach of Pololu Valley.

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    Beautiful stones line the black sand beach of Pololu Valley giving the ocean waves something to play with as it rushes on and off the sand. 

    © Christopher Johnson

  • Pod of Dolphins

    A small pod of dolphins in the beautiful blue ocean of Hawaii

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    Around 1000 ft off of the Honokohau harbor coastline I saw 4 boats clustered together and the passengers quickly jumping into the water to swim around a very large pod of dolphins. I hadn’t flown the drone out that far and was extremely surprised when there were no problems with signal. I totally expected the drone controller to notify me that I had reached my distance limit and to fly closer, but instead I saw these beautiful dolphins swimming in the beautiful blue ocean on my iPad screen. There must have been 30-40 dolphins along with 20 snorkelers in black wet suits all scattered around in the water. I lowered the drone to around 30 ft above a small pod dolphins which were swimming around very quickly. I was only able to capture this one shot before they swam out of view.

    Super cool!

    © Christopher Johnson

About Me

  • Chris

    "We live in a visual world and I am a visual person making visual things visual"


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    Contact me for inquiries about my work, purchasing, or commissions. I will reveal my phone number and address to real inquiries. Too many scam artists alive kill trust and experience.

    My home is on the Big Island of Hawaii

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