• Floating Sand

    Image of sand floating underwater after a passing wave.

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    Messing around in the waves of Kua Bay while trying to capture the backside of a wave, I wasn’t having much luck. The water was flat and there were tons of people around. Every once in a while a large set would come in and energize everyone in the water as they all setup to body surf the wave. With all the commotion a lot of sand kicked up and then as the wave passed more sand would kick up, but I tried to photograph the wave anyway. What I found was a lot of out of focus images. I left the beach thinking it was a loss, however, it is always nice to get in the water.

    When I loaded the images into Photoshop Bridge I found a lot of beautiful images of sand with amazing streaks of sunlight beaming through the water. I edited this image with an abstract/design quality in mind and accented the colors and light values. In the end I think this would be a very cool accent image on a wall blown up really big.

    © Christopher Johnson

  • Oil Colors

    Close up of the colorful wet oil on the pavement of a Waimea parking lot.

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    I have been wanting to photograph the colorful oil streaks on wet pavement for a while, but never wanted to take the time to capture it properly. Instead I would take a few shots only to notice edges are out of focus, or there was a small amount of blur from shaking the camera. I would always get back to the computer just to kick myself for not spending the time to get the shot properly. In this situation, in public, I always have trouble taking pictures. I would rather be in the comfort of my home or out in the wild away from people to work on perfecting images. When I saw this colorful oil slick in the middle of a busy parking lot I thought of all the times I had failed, so this time I made sure I got the shot right.

    I didn’t pull out the tripod and reflector shield, although maybe I should have. Instead I boosted the ISO to eliminate shake and crouched down on the parking block and bobbed around until I was able to get all 4 corners in focus. It must look pretty funny for some people that don’t know much about macro photography to witness.

    “What is that man doing?” a young child might say.

    “He’s taking pictures of the ground honey. Now hurry up and don’t look.” the parent replies as they glare with a concerned look… Like I’m on drugs or something.

    Who is crazy enough to photograph really close to the dirty parking lot in the rain? They must be on drugs. Well I’m not. I’m just trying to capture the beauty of the world. Even if it’s pollution.

    © Christopher Johnson


  • Water Reflection

    Water Ripples

    A walk around the natural pools of the Mauna Lani resort is always so calming. A fun series of pathways navigate around the many different pools of water that spot the landscape. A seawall creates a boundary between the larger pool and the ocean where eels and barracuda swim freely, needless to say that this isn’t a place where people are swimming. An old brick structure rests on a small island that is only accessible by a small concrete narrow wall and is surrounded by palm trees growing out of small pot looking islands. I haven’t looked into what this structure was, but it is definitely a cool and odd thing to see.

    I found myself drawn to the reflective surface of one of the pools further away from the ocean. Clusters of palm trees draped over and around the water while being reflected in its gentle rippling surface. Through my viewfinder I was mesmerized by the dancing bending light as the image continually shifted its abstract form.

    © Christopher Johnson

  • Ice Crystals

    A study of the intricate details of ice crystals that formed on a window in Lake Tahoe.

  • Acrylic In Water

    A macro photograph examining the way acrylic paint disperses as it is poured into water. I love the way it swoops and swirls into a soft dreamy design.

    This photograph can be purchased as a fine art print or licensed for your needs. For more information please contact me.

    © Christopher Johnson

  • Pollock in Nature

    I was amazed when I saw this shot. 

    For the last couple months I have been completely engrossed with photographing water and its many qualities. Whether it be moving, still, reflecting, or refracting, I have taken notice and have been compiling a collection of these shots. So, here I am standing at the edge of a estuary in Hilo, surrounded by grass and trees. I begin to notice, as I watch my family playing on a paddle board, that the large pool is reflecting brilliant colors from the surroundings. In an instant I ran to grab my camera and I focused on one of these large lines from the trunk  of the tall palm and shot away as the light danced around on the water. Well I didn’t think much of it until I got back to develop the shot and instantly was excited. This shot didn’t look like a photograph at all, but like a Jackson Pollock painting.


    © Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com

  • Surface Bubbles

    A design of bubbles on the surface of the water from inside the water looking up.

    by Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com

  • Flash Design

    Upon receiving the new ring flash, I had to test it out. Nearby was a bottle of water with some water drops collected on the inside wall that I focused on. Little did I know that the shot was going to be totally awesome.

    Photography by Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com

  • Underwater Bubble Design

    Using my AquaMarine underwater housing at One Palm beach, I decided to play in the shallow water as small waves crashed overhead. I have become fascinated by the views and events at the shallow end of the beach. This photograph is the tail end of a passing wave as bubble are dispersed everywhere. I love the design with the blue hue.

    Photography by Christopher Johnson – www.fromhereonin.com

  • Water Reflection Abstract

    The water dancing on the surface of a swimming pool reflected an amazing design of the sun-setting sky.




  • Grassy Reflection

    At the Kahaluu Bay Beach Park there seems to be construction under way to create a small decorative reflection pond between the beach and launch point for snorkelers. Or maybe it was just some more tsunami damage that is being fixed. Whatever the case, the pond created the perfect scene for me to photograph.

  • Foggy Window Abstract

    I shot this abstract of a foggy car window during a thunderstorm while sitting in traffic. Funny how inspiration can come out of something so boring and inconvenient.

  • Abstract Design

    Inspiration comes in some mysterious ways.

    Just sitting on the couch, I noticed the vertical blinds waving in the breeze created by the ceiling fan. The designs they were making inspired me to photograph them, however, I had no idea that the resulting images would be so cool. Almost graphical and cartoon like.

    I shot off 81 pictures… each one extremely different.